Am I Reinforcing What I Don’t Want When I Tap?

Broken Heart with Plaster and text

“Blowing out another’s candle will not make yours shine brighter.”


Question from a reader: Am I reinforcing what I don’t want to reinforce when the EFT Tapping statement I say is not something I want to reinforce? For example, if I am angry at my friend and I make the statement “Even though I am angry at my friend,” won’t I end up more angry? If I tap this statement isn’t it reinforcing the anger I already have toward my friend?

Answer: No. Tapping allows us to “desensitize” explosive and/or painful emotions. Most likely, by the end of tapping the short form of EFT, our anger will have dissipated. Once the anger is dissipate, we can more clearly examine the situation with our friend rather than being ruled by our emotions.

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