A Little Known Secret to Processing…

Past, present, and future words imprinted on metal surface

So, here you are again. This pain seems familiar. It seems as if you keep repeating the same unhealthy pattern.

Helpful hint: Look back 7 or so years, 14 or so years, 21 or so years, and 28 – 29 years ago. What was happening in your life then?

Astrologically, there is a planet called Saturn. Saturn is the teacher. Saturn strengthens the personality through endurance and persistence. It’s contractive nature give us the opportunity for introspection. Saturn is a 7 year cycle…

Think back to the events in your life 7 years ago, 14 – 15 years ago, 21 – 22 year ago, and 28 – 29 years ago. What wasn’t completed and/or worked out then, comes back again to be reexamined, reevaluated, readjusted, redesigned…“re” meaning done again.

“Re” can also mean healing, resolution, and completion.

How to heal? Well, you probably know how I will answer that question since I am an EFT Practitioner and Author. Just in case… My answer is EFT Tapping. EFT Tapping can heal the pain, the unhealthy patterns we repeat, and create an awareness of peace and well-being.

© Tessa Cason, 2020.

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