6 Basic Needs

6 Basic Needs

There are a number of different theories in regards to the Basic Human Needs. For simplicity, this blog will cover Tony Robbins’ 6 Basic Needs. 

Need #1: Certainty, stability, safety, security, consistency, order, predictability

Need #2: Variety, uncertainty, suspense, surprise, instability, adventure, challenges.

Need #3: Feeling Unique, accomplishment, importance, significance, feel needed, achievement, fulfillment

Need #4: Feel Connected, belong, unity, warmth, romance, togetherness, friendships.

Need #5: Growth, learning, constantly developing emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

Need #6: Service, contribution, giving, philanthropy, making a difference.

The first four needs are essential for human survival. We all must have these needs met on some level to some extent. The last two are essential for fulfillment.

Of these six needs, there are two that we experience so intensely that we will do almost anything to meet those needs. When we identify our two most important needs, we can discover our driving motivation and what gives meaning and motive to our lives.

We can meet our 6 needs in positive or negative ways. For example, we can meet the need for significance by accomplishing something great or we can make ourselves feel significant by criticizing someone else’s accomplishments – same need, different way of achieving it.

Even though we each have the same basic needs, they play out differently in our lives.

We might crave and need some uncertainty, excitement, and suspense in our lives. Yet, too much uncertainty could create fear. Not enough excitement and we become bored.

Some people want a lot of togetherness. For someone else, this much togetherness could be stifling and suffocating. Not enough connection and we might feel alone and separate from others.

On a scale of 1 – 10 with ten high, rate each need in its importance in your life.

_____ Certainty, stability, security, consistency.

_____ Uncertainty, suspense, variety, surprise.

_____ Connection, unity, belonging, warmth.

_____ Important, unique, significant, worthy of love.

_____ Growth, learning.

_____ Service, contribution, making a difference.

Now list them in the order with the highest at the top.







(Might be helpful to have those significant-others in your live do this exercise as well.)

© Tessa Cason, 2020.

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