4 Qualities Necessary for Being Intuitive

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I would love it if the information came in like a telegram. But, that isn’t how it happens. Instead, the information arrives in shorthand.

Echo Bodine

Being intuitive is not magic. It is a skill, a skill we all have. To be intuitive, it does require us to have at least these four qualities. If any of these qualities are lacking, we will not be able to develop our intuition totally and as fully as we possibly could.

1. Comfortable with abstract ideas and concepts.
As Echo said, the information from our intuition arrives in shorthand. In other words, the information from our intuition does not arrive in a wrapped package with a bow on top. The information arrives in abstraction in the mist of our lives and we have to be able to recognize the intuitive insights and then interpret them.

2. Think as a story teller.
Let’s say in Cheryl Richardson’s Self-Care Cards, you drew three cards to better understand something in your life. You drew:
“Goals: Set a goal, write it down, and release the outcome. Small steps make a big difference.”
“Achievement: Chase your dreams. You may be surprised by where they lead you.”
“Revelation: Listen to your life. The right path will reveal itself.”

Looking at the first card, Goals, you notice the three hot air balloons but your eye focuses on the balloon still in the cage.

Looking at the card, Achievement, your eye focuses on the butterfly, right hand corner of the card.

And, with Revelation, your eye focuses on the building in the background.

Now, make a story of what you see:

The three hot air balloons could signify three goals. Two of them are on their way, but my eye focuses on the balloon still in the cage. I might need to get more clarity on what that goal is, how to motivate the goal out of the cage. The cage represents safety and secure but also confinement. Am I hesitant about this goal in some way? If I identity this goal, will it challenge me out of my comfort zone? Or do I just need to gather more information to be able to move the hot air balloon out of the cage and on its way.

With my eye focusing on the butterfly on the Achievement card, maybe there is a new beginning, a transformation I might need to undergo. Maybe this transformation is necessary to be able to follow the third goal that seems to be outside my comfort zone at this time. The butterfly is on the upfront on the right side. Upfront could mean “now.” The Right side could represent the outer world, the physical world I live in. The transformation needs to happen now, physically, in the real world. This is not an inner transformation I need to go through.

On the Revelation card, the path is obvious, but my eye focuses on the building in the far background. I might have a long ways to go to fulfill and complete my goals. Certainly won’t be achieving the goals anytime soon. So, I need to make sure I have the determination, tenacity, and perseverance to succeed.

3. Non-judgmental.
Of the information, of yourself, and a situation. Brian Tracy teaches us that the challenges of today are teaching us what we need to learn to be more successful tomorrow.

4. Comfortable being unique and different.
Not odd. Unique. Different. We are taught throughout our lives (most of us), to fit in, to conform to the norm, and not to stand out. Listening to and certainly honoring our intuition when there is not solid evidence, proof, or facts to “back you up” is stepping outside the norm. Not being odd, but being unique and different.

© Tessa Cason, 2021.

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