34 FREE Kindle Downloads in January 2023

Thank you Typewriter

As a child, my uncle (my mom’s brother) was a farmer. Throughout the year, he would deliver truckloads of just-picked fresh produce to my mom…watermelons, lettuce, tomatoes, cantaloupes, just to name a few. My mom would have my brothers and I run up and down the street giving away the fresh produce. It was fun to see the smile on my neighbor’s faces when I handed them bags of fresh produce. (Have you ever had fresh produce hours after it was harvested? Yummm! So different than store bought!)

I learned to tithe from my mom.

Each month for the last 33 months, there has been a free Kindle download. For the upcoming year, I asked my subscribers which books they would wanted as a FREE download. Rather than have my subscribers wait all year for the books they requested, I decided to give away 34 different books the month of January 2023.

Each day in January, there will be a FREE Kindle download. On three days, there will be two FREE downloads for a total of 34 different book.

Books are FREE all across Amazon.

Some people are getting confused when it says that you have to be a Kindle Unlimited member to download the book. You do not. Look below this statement at the price. It will have the price as $0.00 to buy. 

Subscribers have been emailed the schedule. They will also receive an email once a week with a link to the FREE downloads for that week.

Thank you for being a subscriber.

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