R with Self Cover

80 EFT Tapping Statements for Relationship with Self

Do you feel disconnected from yourself? Do you feel as if you could never be whole? Do you feel defeated by life?

Stephanie, now 55 years old, use to be excited about life and about her life. That was 35 years ago. She was engaged to the love of her life. A month before the wedding her fiancée ran off with a beauty queen.

After 35 years, Stephanie still felt defeated, beaten, defective, broken, and flawed. She was still full of resentment and hostility. She had become comfortable in apathy because she did not know how to move beyond her self-pity.

This Kindle Book gives you the exact statements that Stephanie tapped to heal her wounded self.

This Workbook provides information about EFT Tapping as well as 80 EFT Tapping statements that can be combined into tapping scripts.