Being Empowered and Successful Cover

400 EFT Tapping Statements for Being Empowered and Successful

Being empowered is not about physical, brute strength. It is not about the number and heights of our successes and accomplishments. It is not about fame, the house we live in, the car we drive, or the clothes we wear.

Being empowered is the strength, substance, and character of our inner being. It is knowing that whatever life throws at us, we will prevail.

Successful people are dreamers with their feet firmly planted in reality. The challenge of working toward their dreams and goals is just as exciting as the fulfillment of them. Overcoming each obstacle strengthens their resolve. Each lesson they learn from failure brings them closer to success. Their focus is on the goal. Successful people know they will succeed before there is evidence of their success.

Success is setting a goal, working toward the fulfillment of their goals, and then feeling pride and satisfaction in their accomplishments.

Ava had just started a business with her two very successful sisters. She wants the business with her sisters to succeed, yet, she doesn’t feel empowered. She doesn’t want to feel as if the business would fail because of her and is ready to do the emotional work so she matches her sister’s power and success.

Sophie, Ava’s roommate and an EFT practitioner-in-training, continues working with Ava as a case study for completing her certification in EFT Tapping. With Sophie’s help, Ava begins to feel empowered and that her business with her sisters will be a success.

If we want to make changes in our lives, we have to recognize, acknowledge, and take ownership of our dysfunctional beliefs and emotions. All of our thoughts, feelings, choices, decisions, and experiences are the result of our beliefs. To change our lives, we have to eliminate the dysfunctional beliefs on a subconscious level. EFT Tapping does just that.

This Workbook provides information about EFT Tapping as well as 400 EFT Tapping statements that can be combined into tapping scripts.